Rupinder was working in a secondary school before she took a break in work to focus on family commitments. During this time, Rupinder had lost a lot of confidence in herself and was concerned about going back into the working world. With previous experience working in cargo back in her hometown in Kenya, Rupinder missed the airport environment and since moving to the UK, it had always been her dream to work at Heathrow. With her children now grown up, Rupinder was available to work shifts and she knew it was her time to gain a career she loved.

Rupinder’s local job centre, who work closely with the Academy’s Community Team, referred her to the Academy where she attended a Community Information Session. The Community Team recognised Rupinder’s lack of confidence and enrolled her onto the Pre-Employment Training course (PET). Rupinder was facing personal barriers to work which were identified by the Community Team and she was supported to ensure she never gave up on her journey. Rupinder successfully completed PET, which filled her with the confidence she had lost. Throughout the course, the Community Team kept in close contact Rupinder and noticed her skills were extremely customer service focused, and so she completed mock-interviews and was later put forward for a Customer Service role with Reach – which she was convinced she wouldn’t get. However, she was perfect for the role.

Now, Rupinder is thriving and is grateful for PET and her colleagues at Terminal 2 being “superb”; directing her life on the right path and improving her work skills. Many people believe it is impossible to start a career after long break but Rupinder has demonstrated that you can be successful no matter what.

Looking forward, Rupinder would like to progress within her company, knowing now she is capable of developing and would even like to complete an Apprenticeship. After all, “learning never stops”.