Peter joined Heathrow as part of the Master Planning Team in 2009, where he had responsibility for analysing Heathrow’s strategic capacity requirements. He first got a taste of the Project Management with the introduction of A380’s to Heathrow and planning the airport’s stands capacity for them.

Peter then left the UK for a new life in Dubai. However, soon after moving to Dubai, Peter noticed an advertisement for Assistant Project Manager at Heathrow and decided to go for it. Peter was successful in gaining the role and never looked back.

Shortly after assuming the role, Peter began to realise he had skills he wanted to build on and was keen to be more successful. After making this known, Peter’s Manager recommended the Associate Project Management Apprenticeship at the Academy. During the course, Peter began to struggle with the balance of his day-to-day work and assignments, but with self-discipline and a strong support system (including fellow students), adapted to the balance. 

Now, Peter has developed a positive shift in his skillset, understanding the Governance System, Risk Management and Stakeholder Management. Peter admits that the course aided him in being promoted to Project Manager, in which he believed he was finally ready for after becoming more advanced and confident in his skills, knowledge and abilities. 

In the future Peter is ready to move onto the next level where possible and evolve in his position further. Peter advises others that the Apprenticeship is “worth it if you want to become a successful Project Manager” and it is now “onwards and upwards” for him.

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