After leaving college, Courtney worked in retail for a number of years, before returning and gaining a diploma in Sound Engineering. Courtney then began working in Carphone Warehouse and when the opportunity came up for him to develop into management, he knew it wasn’t the career path he envisioned for himself.

Until, an opening for Security Officer at Heathrow came up. Courtney believed this was the change he needed and decided to apply. Courtney was successful and he remained a Security Officer for 9 years, until he was selected for a secondment with the Making Every Journey Better team (MEJB).

During his time on the secondment, Courtney attended a link bridge event at the Compass Centre, where he identified the range of Apprenticeships on offer. What stood out most to Courtney was the Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, which he recognised as a skills gap. Courtney ultimately wanted to understand the online world better and looking forward, knew it would be a sought-after skill. Courtney and his Line Manager agreed the Apprenticeship would be beneficial for his career.

Whilst developing apps in his everyday role, Courtney was discovering how to promote them and increase awareness around his work within the business in his workshops.

Now, Courtney can not only understand how to promote his work, but how social media campaigns work and how to spend money on campaigns effectively and efficiently. Courtney has created an app for senior managers and produced a poster promoting the app, which he is planning to distribute to the senior managers via a mailing list, using the email marketing techniques he learned on his Apprenticeship.

With his role in Digital Solutions, Courtney has found the skills he’s acquired invaluable.

In the future, Courtney would like to do another Apprenticeship that ties in with what he’s doing, and he will use what he’s learned to help Heathrow evolve further as a business.