Matt began his journey at Heathrow over 13 years ago and gained vast experience in his varying roles. Matt’s expertise lies within Security Operations, after becoming a Terminal Controller, Security Manager and most recently, a Performance Manager. Matt specialises in data analysis and enjoys identifying the patterns and meaning behind data, helping Heathrow to continue to improve and grow. However, not only was Matt intending on assisting with improving the business’ performance, but his own too.

Whilst at one of the Apprenticeship events at the Compass Centre, Matt enquired about the Level 4 Data Analyst Apprenticeship, feeling that the Apprenticeship could enhance his expertise and provide him with the tools to analyse data more strategically. Matt wanted to undertake an Apprenticeship which was in line with his day-to-day job and one that would ultimately set him up to undertake a more effective analysis.

With this in mind, Matt enrolled onto the Data Analyst Apprenticeship and adapted an array of specialist skills. Matt has begun to look for more in-depth solutions, started to question the relevance and quality of data and worked on large-scale trials. Matt admits he found it a challenge at the beginning to balance his time between workload and studying but has relished the chance of being able to combine the two.

Moving forward, Matt hopes to develop further in the data and IT field; he feels confident that the Apprenticeship has strengthened his knowledge on how to analyse data more efficiently and has given him a bigger foundation to improve further. Matt would like to undertake another Apprenticeship in the future which reflects his position at the time. The Apprenticeship has allowed Matt to challenge both data and himself, focusing on his goals and discovering the opportunity to improve.