Before joining the Academy, Fatima was in foster care and searching for employment in order to pay her bills and live independently. Upon job hunting, Fatima quickly found it increasingly difficult to find a role; continually receiving rejections from employers due to not having any paid previous work experience. She began to believe that there was a stigma attached to being a Care Leaver. The lack of responses from employers left Fatima feeling stressed, not knowing whether she could pay her bills in order to move out of her foster home.

Fatima initially came to the Academy with low self-belief, thinking that there were few opportunities for her. The Academy set out to rectify this, so that she could start a new chapter in her life. Fatima was enrolled onto the Pre-Employment Training course at the Academy, where she started to build on a variety of skills which were tailored to the job that she wanted to do.

Fatima emphasises how the Academy shared her belief that she could achieve and how “everyone worked so hard to help me achieve my goals”. The Academy provided a supportive environment for Fatima, making sure she could break down her personal barriers. Fatima was also assigned a Heathrow Buddy, which provides her with help, assistance and guidance to ensure that she is supported. Fatima admits she sees her Buddy as a “work mum” and is forever grateful for her guidance through a tough time.

Through Fatima’s hard work, dedication and perseverance, she was successful in securing her dream job: Administration Officer, at the Academy itself. However, Fatima hasn’t stopped there, and is undertaking a Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship to increase her opportunities further. Most importantly Fatima is proud to highlight how her life has changed for the better. Now that Fatima knows about Heathrow’s endless opportunities, who knows where her career will take her. Fatima is working hard to achieve more goals and the Academy is excited to support her with her endeavours.