Rhea was studying an Apprenticeship in Hearing Therapy at Bristol University when, to her disappointment, the department shut down and she had no choice but to discontinue her studies and re-assess her career goals. Rhea began a new role at Sainsbury’s, quickly progressing within the business when she was headhunted for the role of Customer Service Leader with World Duty Free (WDF). Rhea has now been with WDF for over 14 years and has swiftly developed the position of Store Manager.

After returning from her second Maternity Leave, Rhea began a new role and was approached by her Line Manager to do the Level 5 HR Apprenticeship. Rhea knew this was the opportunity she had been waiting for to progress into HR and obtain the qualification she’d been missing. Rhea realised it was a chance for her to do something for herself.

Whilst enrolled on her course, Rhea was diagnosed with a form of arthritis and had to manage her stress levels and balance her CIPD workload along with her Apprenticeship workload. However, with help from her assessor and tailoring her tasks to her work and home life schedule, Rhea found her balance.

Coming to the end of her Apprenticeship, Rhea is now confident in her ability to manage herself and a team of 150, admitting it has been a “life changing experience”. With her enhanced ability to negotiate and communicate with using the correct business terminology, Rhea has already influenced effective changes within the business.

So, what’s next for Rhea? Gaining her full diploma and transitioning into a HR role, maybe even a HR Manager one day; all she knows is that there are no limits for her.