After leaving school, Hannah wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted to do and began to pursue a career in Retail. Hannah successfully progressed to a managerial position when her company was issuing redundancies, yet she knew that this was the perfect opportunity to do something completely different.

Hannah began researching into other options and always had a passion for carpentry. With past experience in fitting kitchens and tiling, Hannah knew it was an area of work she enjoyed but never considered a career in it, even with her strong family history in the field.

On joining the programme, Hannah was concerned that she would be underestimated and that she would need to prove herself in a stereo-typically masculine environment. However, as she settled in, Hannah conquered her fear of working on-site and has demonstrated that she is more than capable of doing anything a man can. Not to mention, her skillset has “massively” improved, followed by her knowledge and confidence to complete tasks.

For anyone considering the SAS, Hannah recommends it, revealing “it’s a great scheme, you learn so much”. Hannah now realises that she is capable of anything she puts her mind to and is proud she pursued her passion; finally doing what she loves.

What does this mean for the future? Well, Hannah is happy in her role and is keen to continue building on her skills in the trade. Thinking ahead, Hannah would like to push for female awareness on-site and help prove that anything is possible. With her newfound confidence, Hannah is excited for what the next challenge brings.