Born in Nepal and growing up in Hong Kong and Singapore, for Amrita travelling was always in her blood, so a future career at an airport was more than just a flight of fancy. “My cousin started with the Academy and suggested it to me three and a half years ago and the Academy gave me the opportunity to work at Heathrow. World Duty Free were recruiting at the time, so I started my journey as a CSA, then became a Specialist, a Concierge and now I’m a Customer Service Trainee Leader.”

Amrita has not always been the confident person she is today. “I was a really shy person before and could never talk to people, but the training has been really helpful and helped me to believe in myself. It’s helped a lot with preparation and confidence building.”

It’s not been without it’s challenges though. Amrita started a trainee leader scheme with World Duty Free when it was suggested that she did the apprenticeship with Heathrow Academy. So she’s been doing both schemes together. “My assessor was there when I really needed support with my apprenticeship. When I was doing both courses together and a lot of deadlines came up at the same time, as well as working, I began to feel really lost, but she really helped me stay motivated.”

So, what does the future hold for Amrita? “Good question! I’ll be going on to do a Management apprenticeship next, which will last a few years. Right now I can’t see myself working anywhere but here, I love working with Heathrow.”

“I will recommend Heathrow Academy to all of my friends and family because it builds your confidence and it’s a great platform to build yourself personally and professionally.”