Mirela moved to Southall seven years ago. Through a friend, she managed to get a job as a Barista for Costa at Heathrow Terminal 3. Mirela progressed well gaining promotions to Maestro and then to Assistant Manager. She began an Apprenticeship in Team Leadership and it was here that she first heard about the Heathrow Academy from her Vocational Assessor. She was keen to move into the retail sector so she met with the Recruitment Team who recognised her potential and felt she would be ideal for Bvlgari. Based on the Academy’s recommendation Bvlgari interviewed Mirela and subsequently offered her a Sales Advisor position.

Natasha, Heathrow Academy Vocational Assessor, supported Mirela in making the transition from Costa to Bvlgari. “It was such a different environment so she needed some support to boost her confidence and to adjust to different ways of doing things” says Natasha. The change in approach had an effect on Mirela both in and out of work. “In my previous role, everything was 100 miles an hour and that used to rub off on me outside of work. Natasha has helped me to be a lot calmer and to discover skills I didn’t even know I had” says Mirela. “Everything at Bvlgari is crafted so I don’t have an item to sell, I have a story to tell and I get really passionate about that.” Mirela has since been promoted to Team Leader and she continues to develop a fulfilling career.

“The Heathrow Academy Team took time to get to know me, found me a career that is perfect for my personality and they’ve given me confidence by supporting me through my development. Now I love my job and as a result I’m much happier outside of work too.”