Before life at Heathrow, Luke was a student at St Mary’s University in Twickenham studying Sport and Science Coaching. But when he started having doubts about his career path, he decided to put the brakes on Uni for a while, and that’s when a friend mentioned their role in the Mixed Freight Services team at Heathrow. “I chatted with the team director and the more I found out about it, the more I wanted to get on board. It’s a big change from my university schedule, but I really enjoy it and love being busy!”

Luke’s role as a Warehouse Operative sees him screen cargo using an Explosive Trace Detection Machine, operate a forklift and generally help ensure operations in the warehouse run smoothly. And one thing’s for sure, there’s never a dull moment: “We ship all sorts, from Porsches and Ferraris, to 30ft dinosaurs and we’ve even had the robots from the Transformer films. There’s always something exciting waiting for you in the warehouse.”

On top of this, Luke is cruising through an apprenticeship in Warehouse Logistics and Operations. “After leaving Uni, I didn’t think I was up for more written work, but my mentor’s made it really fun. I’ve put a lot of effort into it and am really happy with what I’m doing.” The apprenticeship is certainly helping his aviation career to take off. The work he’s set is helping him to understand his current job and the industry a lot better. And that’s just the start of Luke’s Academy journey. “There are so many other courses I can go onto and so many exciting prospects. But my end goal? I’d like to land a job as a manager.”

“I enjoy the industry, the work with the Academy and the mixed freight services team. There are different challenges every day and I get lots of support to help me understand the job.”