Silviya was working as a cleaner whilst studying English after leaving her home in Bulgaria. Once she completed her English course, Silviya decided she wanted to leave Hospitality and work in Customer Service, as she enjoyed interacting with people. Silviya joined APCOA, working in Customer Service and progressed into a Controller role. However, the opportunity to complete an Apprenticeship came up and Silviya believed it was time to challenge herself, develop further and increase her current skills.

Silviya struggled from being under-confident and was worried about completing Functional Skills, due to English not being her first language. She also feared she wouldn’t succeed; having to balance home life with a young child. However, after meeting with her assessor and receiving the support and guidance she needed, Silviya has achieved more than she could have ever imagined.

After meeting with her assessor on her days off, as well as before and after shifts, Silviya scored full marks in her Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening Functional Skills Tests. Silviya was also one of the first people to go through the new End-Point-Assessment with her Apprenticeship and pass. Silviya has gained self-confidence in her ability to communicate and learned how to handle challenging situations with customers, after previously feeling helpless in. Remarkably, Silviya has also been recognised for helping a colleague of hers improve his Customer Service skills and how he approaches situations.

Now, Silviya is advising everyone to do an Apprenticeship with the Academy – including her colleagues. She expresses that the support she received was “overwhelming”. Her communication skills are no longer a barrier, but a strength and Silviya feels confident that she is able to provide a promising future for her daughter, admitting the opportunity has changed her life. Silviya has even began a new journey, enrolling on a Business Administration Apprenticeship and is excited for her future.