Rachel was at University studying Journalism when she began to realise she wasn’t doing what she loved, and so made the decision to leave and explore other options. Rachel began a new role at Microsoft Security whilst completing an Open University Degree in Psychology. However, Rachel was always intrigued by the idea of working at Heathrow and was attracted by the extensive amount of opportunities. With an opening for a Security Officer, Rachel knew it was the role for her.

After working in security for over 3 years, Rachel applied for a role in Communications where she worked on ‘Smile’ courses for over a year. It was then when Rachel was approached by her line manager to begin a Business Administration role in the team, alongside a Business Administration Apprenticeship. Rachel liked the idea of a challenge and recognised it would be the perfect opportunity to up-skill even more. So, she applied just before going on maternity leave and even finishing her degree.

When she began her Apprenticeship, Rachel’s biggest challenge was juggling being a new mum and ensuring she was completing project requirements. Yet, Rachel’s determination to succeed grew stronger and she managed to complete her Apprenticeship a month after returning from maternity leave.

Looking back, Rachel has acquired strong self-management skills which are exceptionally helpful in her every-day work as a Team Administrator for security programmes and confidence in managing programmes.

Rachel confesses that she has re-discovered her “career drive” and has lots of career options now her skills have been recognised.

In the future, Rachel is looking to progress into Project Management with her range of skills and even completing the Associate Project Management Apprenticeship.