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Developing your future through work-based training
We offer two distinct apprenticeship routes:

  • Route 1

    For individuals entering employment

  • Route 2

    For existing employees

  • Heathrow Apprenticeships

    The Heathrow Employment & Skills Academy is a recognised training provider offering recruitment, training and development opportunities for employers and employees at Heathrow. The Academy delivers tailored Apprenticeship programmes to provide amazing opportunities for development, enabling individuals to perform to their full potential.

    With our Apprenticeship programmes, we aim to inspire everyone to grow. Whatever the training solution, each programme is matched to the level at which the learner is working and is designed to be completed alongside new or existing job roles.

    From level 2 to level 7, Apprenticeship programmes support development not only professionally, but personally too. At any level, completing an Apprenticeship is a practical way to build on an academic portfolio to a nationally recognised standard.

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    The Apprenticeship Levy

    The Apprenticeship Levy was introduced in April 2017 to help fund and grow the number of Apprentices in the UK. The Apprenticeship Levy is essentially a tax set by the government that is payable by all employers operating in England with a wage bill of £3 million or more per year. The levy places the control of Apprenticeship funding in the hands of employers. It encourages employers to invest in their Apprentices and to take on more.

    The collected funds go into a digital account where employers can claim back their levy contribution to pay for Apprenticeship training. A levy-paying employer will receive £15,000 per year from the UK government to offset against the levy. To further encourage the support of Apprenticeships in large organisations, those paying the levy receive an additional 10% top-up to spend on training – meaning they can draw £1.10 for every £1.00 they put in.

    Our team of Levy specialists help design and implement a full delivery plan to utilise Apprenticeship Levy funds. We already work with a range of large Levy paying businesses.


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