Our Services


An essential part of the local community

We are at the heart of our local community. Nearly half of the people who work at Heathrow live in our neighbouring boroughs. We’re the biggest local employer, accounting for more than a quarter of local jobs.

We also know that we can do more to share Heathrow’s prosperity among our neighbours. So we’re working to help more local people build rewarding careers at Heathrow. We offer one-to-one advice and support to increase their confidence and help them become job-ready for a role at Heathrow.


Helping local people fulfil their potential at Heathrow

As the biggest local employer, we have a responsibility to help local people build careers at the airport. At the moment, less than half of airport employees are from our neighbouring boroughs.

So we’ve developed a comprehensive programme of outreach, training and support to help our neighbours make the most of Heathrow’s opportunities. We actively seek out local people who would benefit most from our services

We’re also working with Heathrow employers to make the whole airport more inclusive – to break down the barriers to employment and to improve employment practices across the airport. We’re building an airport that’s open to all, one in which everyone – care leavers, people with disabilities, returners to the labour market or people who just need some additional support – can share in the opportunities it provides.

Connecting candidates to more than 100 Heathrow employers

For careers, employment and training at Heathrow, we’re a one-stop shop. We work with more than 100 airport employers from a wide range of business sectors – aviation, construction, customer service, hospitality, logistics, retailing and travel services – to find employment opportunities that are right for local candidates. And then we offer a full package of support, including pre-employment training, skills matching and apprenticeships, that helps them land the airport careers they deserve.

For people who have previously struggled to find employment, our pre-employment training can be life-changing. It offers a candidate one-to-one sessions with their own recruitment adviser, confidence-building exercises, and coaching with job applications and interview techniques. It’s one of the many ways that we help local people achieve their full potential at Heathrow.