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Digital Skills Training

Broaden your skill base with our one-day course

Digital Skills for all.

The modern world is digital. To build your skills and your career, you really do need to know the basics of IT (Information Technology) and internet safety. Even better if you could pick up a digital-skills qualification in a single day, potentially opening the door to more career opportunities, and it also brings benefits in your everyday life.


Entry-level Digital Skills Training

This one-day, confidence-building course is for anyone who’d like to get started with digital skills. It’s run by the Heathrow Employment & Skills Academy in partnership with Microsoft.
It’s a great introduction to digital skills:


  • Boosts your knowledge and practical IT skills.
  • Helps keep you safe on the internet.
  • Makes you more confident about using IT.
  • Opens up new employment opportunities.
  • Prepares you for more in-depth IT or digital skills courses.


At the end of the day, all successful participants receive their certificate in digital skills training.

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