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Team Heathrow Induction

Everyone deserves a great start

We offer induction programmes to all new recruits to give them a great insight into Heathrow and help them understand the unique environment they’re joining.

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We invite colleagues joining Heathrow at all levels to attend a dedicated one-day Team Heathrow Induction. This session directly supports the work of the entire airport by enabling colleagues to gain a broad understanding of Heathrow’s scale and operational frameworks and how we all contribute to giving passengers the best airport service in the world.

The day begins with a wide-ranging morning seminar on Heathrow, covering its history, facts and figures, vision and purpose as well as the scale and framework of the airport’s operation. The session is aimed at enabling our colleagues to broaden their understanding of their role in making every journey better. The afternoon session takes the form of an airport tour. A professional tour guide will explain important aspects of the airport’s operation and everyone’s role in transforming Heathrow through service.

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