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Job Brokerage

Your airport career starts here.

The career opportunities are huge at Heathrow. In an airport where more than 400 businesses employ over 76,000 people, the sky’s the limit. People can take their careers far further than they think.

Heathrow is like a mini-city: just about every job imaginable takes place here. And it’s our job to help local people make the most of these opportunities. We help them find roles that suit their skills and their personalities, and we give them the skills they need to win that role. Our mission is to help our neighbouring communities share in Heathrow’s success.

Specialists at finding airport work for local job-seekers

Our recruitment team are airport specialists. We know what skills the airport needs, and we know what type of people different airport employers are looking for. Since we cover a wide range of sectors – construction, engineering, retailing, hospitality, logistics, customer service and many more – we can find roles that suit the aims and ambitions of everyone who comes our way.

We give job-ready candidates their own personal recruitment advisor who takes the time to find out what makes them tick and to talk them through the options. If we think a candidate needs it, we’ll also help them prepare for their job interview.

Our aim is to do more than simply find people jobs. We want to help them build long-term careers at Heathrow because that lays the foundations for their future, as well as Heathrow’s.

Finding the right person for the right career

We’re not here to find a candidate any old job. We want to find them roles that really do match their skills, personality and ambitions. We look at what they have to offer and what airport employers are looking for. When we find a good match between the two, we put a candidate forward for that role.

This skills-matching process is known in the trade as job brokerage. Only candidates who are right for the role go forward to interview. And whoever gets chosen is likely to stay in the role for longer simply because the company, the work and the person are such a good fit.

Skills matching gives everyone confidence. Candidates know that any role we put them forward for, really is a role that they can make a success of.

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