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Managers Induction

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Following the success of our Team Heathrow inductions, we developed a follow-on course designed for managers. This bespoke induction offers more information about our additional airport services and facilities as well as the tools and in-depth knowledge needed to run a successful operation at Heathrow.

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With such great success from our New Starter Inductions, we developed a separate follow on course just for managers. The Management Induction Programme gives your management teams a more in-depth knowledge of how Heathrow operates. They will learn all about our additional airport services and facilities, and what is required from them as a successful manager. This one day programme is also a great networking event which offers your management colleagues an opportunity to network with managers working for other airport business partners.

Areas covered:

  • Passenger information

  • Exceeding Passenger Expectations

  • Operational Excellence

  • Safety Security and Environment

  • Loss Prevention

  • Your People

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