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Shared Apprenticeship Scheme

Apprentices are a critical part of our talent pipeline, bringing fresh ideas and innovating ways of working to ensure that Heathrow runs smoothly and that our passengers receive great service. Heathrow can help you get there both today and in the future.

In late 2018, Heathrow Airport launched their Shared Apprenticeship Scheme, partnering with K10 Apprenticeships and delivered by the Heathrow Employment and Skills Academy.

Building a stronger home base of skills

The Shared Apprenticeship Scheme brings together some of Heathrow’s major construction companies to offer local people the chance to contribute on exciting Heathrow projects, whilst gaining a nationally recognised qualification.

The Apprentices are centrally employed for the duration of their Apprenticeship and hosted onsite by various contractors across the airport (for a minimum of six months), giving them the opportunity to complete their Apprenticeship and gain experience with industry leading employers.

Creating an exciting career, not just a job

The scheme offers a breadth of wonderful opportunities across construction and there are several qualifications available. Additionally, placements in a local FE college is arranged and paid for; reducing barriers for people to apply. The Shared Apprenticeship Scheme also runs in partnership with an accredited ATA provider

A distinctive feature of the model is that it can overcome many of the common barriers to apprentice delivery such as:

  • Finding local job-ready candidates
  • Providing continuous employment for the duration of an apprenticeship
  • Short-term nature of subcontractors’ works

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