Oliver was studying at Brooklands College, completing an NVQ in Manufacturing and Motorsport Engineering before joining the Shared Apprenticeship Scheme at Heathrow. After two years of working in the Alps at a ski resort, Oliver completed a Project Management course with the Open University, which was when he identified his passion to work within the field.

Oliver discovered the opportunity to join the Shared Apprenticeship Scheme upon searching for Apprenticeships to help him kick-start a career. Oliver enquired about the role of Project Management with the scheme and knew it was the right step to take, he was intrigued by the opportunity and variation that the unique Apprenticeship could offer him in a career.

Oliver was successful in gaining the position and began his journey at Heathrow. However, he found it challenging adjusting to the new procedures and the scale of the Airport, after being used to more relaxed procedures in his previous position. Although, with support from colleagues and the Academy team, Oliver managed to adjust and has conquered many new skills, such as: Asbestos Training, Airside Driving and Management skills.

Oliver is now taking control and even managing a small team of his own and finds that the arrangement of the scheme works well for him; being a ‘hands-on’ person he enjoys taking on new challenges in different environments. Oliver advises anyone who is looking for a worthwhile career to join the Shared Apprenticeship Scheme, as it has given him a focus and an end goal, which he never had before this opportunity. Although Oliver still has time left on the scheme, he is excited to see where it will take him in his career and is looking complete another Apprenticeship.