Tom worked in Hospitality for a number of years after leaving school and eventually moved into retail. Realising retail was not where he wanted to be long-term, Tom was keeping an open mind for his next career move. A friend mentioned to Tom that there were openings for Security Officers at Heathrow, which strongly appealed to him, and so he went ahead and applied.

Tom was successful and remained a Security Officer for 4 years until he was placed on a secondment in the Making Every Journey Better Team (MEJB) at the Compass Centre. Tom was excited for a new challenge and assisted on many projects and enjoyed taking part in Project Management. One day, at a Link Bridge Event, Tom came across Apprenticeship opportunities and was intrigued. Tom mentioned his interest to his line manager, who recommended the Digital Marketing Level 3 Apprenticeship to him. Tom recognised digital marketing as a personal skills gap and wanted to build more credibility on his projects. One thing Tom was concerned about was his lack of skills in IT. Other than mobile phones, Tom did not have much experience in that area. However, looking back at the course, Tom has now built on his IT skills and learned how to carry out data research, data analysis and use digital tools. Tom has applied all of these techniques to his new role as an Education and Skills Officer, which he progressed into after finishing his secondment.

Tom admits he began with “zero” knowledge of digital marketing and can now produce audience personas and marketing campaigns on multiple platforms. The Apprenticeship has also helped him within his new role, improving efficiency in his team with new and improved IT skills. Overall, Tom recognises how his digital skills have helped him adapt for a digital future.

Looking forward, Tom would like to undertake another Apprenticeship, particularly the Level 4 Data Analysis Apprenticeship which he believes would lead on well from his digital marketing skills.