Jamie joined Heathrow in 2008 where he worked as a Security Officer for 8 years. Jamie was drawn to Heathrow from having lots of family members work there and felt it was time for a new beginning. Whilst working as a Security Officer, Jamie became a Trade Union Representative, and in 2016 he got promoted to the position of HR Policy and Case Advisor and eventually an Employee Relations Advisor.

Whilst in his role as an Employee Relations Advisor, a presentation was delivered in a HR Exchange group promoting the new range of higher Apprenticeships on offer, which strongly appealed to Jamie. He knew he could achieve a foundation degree and could obtain a broader understanding of the wider HR function. So, Jamie made the decision to apply.

One of Jamie’s biggest areas for development was his writing and communication skills. Prior to starting his Apprenticeship, he was apprehensive about the high standard of writing and communication required at that level. Not to mention, Jamie had never carried out Harvard Referencing before and it was a new challenge for him, but he persevered and learned new lengths of academic writing he never thought he could.

Despite facing new challenges, Jamie successfully overcame them and learned a range of new skills, such as: how to carry out primary and secondary research, HR terminology and applying new theories to everyday work. Jamie especially enjoyed working and collaborating with people from different businesses and felt it was a valuable experience to be able to learn from each other.

Jamie is now a Customer Relations Manager for Passenger Services and stated that his Apprenticeship helped him to broaden his knowledge and grow his confidence. This enabled him to secure a promotion to his current role, by evidencing some of the skills he acquired along the way. Jamie encourages others to enrol on an Apprenticeship admitting: “it’s something you can’t get in most places – to be able to develop and learn whilst you’re still working is a gift”. Jamie said that he would do another Apprenticeship in the future, one which relates to his own personal development plan. Jamie is always looking for opportunities to help him develop.